Represent Him Well

Welcome to the new site !!!


Hey Hey guys it's Wisdom from the Represent Him Well show on I started up the show on Monday June 29th 2009. Anyway I haven't done the show in a while but I found another cool way to get the word out about my favorite christian artists. This is gonna be the start of a new website where I am able to do what I would do with a show but without all the extra work. I hope to display not only some of the hottest christian underground artists and mainstream artists that are biblically, but I plan to keep you up to date with other news too! You can't go wrong there. Also plan on having deep discussion and just a great time in the Lord Christ Jesus our Savior. Make sure you become a member to get on the mailing list or email me at to get on the list to stay updated on where I'm going with this.

Grace and Peace,

Wisdom 2011  =)